Official Importers and Representatives of TP Woodchippers We also represent and import exclusively the TP Woodchippers from Denmark’s Linddana. Linddana is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of wood chippers for use in gardens, parks and forests. More than 25 years experience within development and production of wood chippers has made TP Chippers to reliable, functional and durable machines, with more than 10.000 machines sold worldwide.
Some words about us If you are searching for a great value Unimog, Woodchipper, Construction machines, spare parts, or accessories, then you came to the right place. Here at Kiriakos Arnakis Sons O.E. we made a great team of speialists and we have built our reputation  on our great customer service. We offer you a large selection of used machines that we back them up with a large stock of  used, reconstructed and new spare parts, which gives us the ability to support you completely on your Unimog needs.
In our company we offer you alot of options of Unimogs, and used, reconditioned or new spare parts.
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We are the official importers and representatives of the Danish TP Woodchippers in Greece.
We import and repair any kind of construction machine. So for whatever your needs are, we probably have the right tool for the job.
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