Some words about Arnakis Kiriakos and Sons Our company started on 1960 from Arnaki Prodromo. His child Arnakis Kiriakos continued the company when he grew up. After the company has grew to what is today, the two sons of Arnakis Kiriakos, came into the family business and continued on the path that their father carved, bringing together a team of specialists and experts dedicated for the company’s good name and continuity. Those members of the team are: Kiriakos Arnakis 1 Mechanical Engineer (Kingston University, England) 1 Truck Mechanic (T.E.E Degree) 1 Bodywork specialist (With more than 15 years experience) 1 Vehicle Electrician (With more than 10 year experience on the field 1 Business Computing expert (Bachelor’s Degree, Kingston University, England) 1 Mechanic with more than 17 years experience on Unimogs. In a non-ending race to better the quality and level of our services, we make sure that our team is constantly educated about new technology on vehicles and new ways of servicing them.
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